Hiking Route 1


Route marking number: 1, total route length: 7 km.

Starting off at Chorio, you follow the concrete road by the bridge, located behind the OTE building, then a dirt road of 2.800 m. length approximately, and then you reach the beginning of the trail after passing by a well-preserved outdoor "omproudektis" (a cistern used to collect rain water in the past) of other times and needs.


The first distinctive metal sign with the number 1 that you will find on a rock, will lead you to a well-preserved cobbled-road through olive groves and grape vines. The cobble-road descending continues to a path in the bed of a dried stream. Soon you leave the riverbed to turn right in another old cobble-road ascending through tall stone walls in an area called Mavrodasos. A bit later the olive groves become less dense and the view of the northern coast of Milos island is unfolded before you .The trail goes on a slope through multiple terraces while on the lower left one can see the continuation of the stream. After successive alterations of downhill and uphill points you will see from above Ellinika beach and you will descend to the beach from a dirt road that is connected to the trail. If you head towards "Deka" beach you can take the bus and return to Chorio.

Alternatively: You have the option to continue walking from Ellinika heading west to Mavrospilia, where at the end of the beach, you will find a dirt road and the trail number 2,which will lead you to Skiadi and then to "Sklavos" point. Then you can follow the path that will lead you back to the village, completing in that way a circular route.

Route marking number: 1,total route length: 7 km.


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Text source: Greek Cultrual Mountaineering Club- EPOS Filis