Hiking Route 5


Total route length: 6,8 km.

The first section of the path is a road that starts at Chorio, goes on turning left after the OTE building, just before St. Eustatius chapel. You follow a very well-kept cobble-road that passes through terraces of cultivated olive groves and stone walls made by the typical colorful rocks of Kimolos.

On your lower right side you can see another cobbled-road with the unique old stone bridge of the island, as well as the eastern trail and road network of the island. Moving on to Ksevri area, you can see all around the scattered chapels of Kimolos' countryside and the geological terrain of the –almost round- island. Going up the road without climbing any steep slopes, a bit further from the St. Catherine's chapel, you will reach a dirt road that will lead you to a junction of dirt roads. There you can select either to follow the downhill cobble-road leading to the dirt road where there is a cemented underground water tank with a trough, or you can follow the downhill dirt road until you reach the tank. In this point there is an uphill, well-preserved cobble-road with the marking sign number 5. Going up, it passes beneath the chapel of Panagia Chimeli and then leads to a col overlooking the north coasts (Monastiria, Vromolimni etc.) and Chorio. After the col, the well-kept cobble-road continues for about 20 minutes at the same level and leads to a smooth, wide rock where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole north side of the island. Following the marking sign number 5 on a path almost carved into a rock at "Gampas" location, you keep walking on the cal where, passing by some farmhouse ruins on your right side, you begin to descend turning left and downhill heading west. As the well-maintained path goes down, it passes by deserted cottages and through olive groves and dense vegetation, and finally leads to Agioklima, a beach that has two big trees offering shade, wonderful sand and crystal clear water. You can also reach Thermopigi by swimming; a place where hot water flows from a spring inside the sea.

Alternatively: You can complete a circular route by ascending for 100 meters approximately from the beach and follow the path on the right heading south, which crosses "Kastro" beach. Soon you will find the marking sign number 3 and if you follow it, it will lead you, following a different route, to Kefales and Sklavos from where you can return to Chorio by taking a dirt road.

Route marking number: 5 Total route length: 6,8 km.


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Text source: Greek Cultrual Mountaineering Club- EPOS Filis