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  • My Kimolos, my paradise...
  • Enchanting Aegean sunsets.
  • Clean, leeward beaches with crystal blue waters.
  • Unique natural beauty. See the sights of Kimolos.
  • Swim and enjoy the rich depths of the island whenever you happen to be.
  • Unique natural beauty. See Tourist information.
  • Goupa, a fishermen’s settlement with “sirmata”.
  • Welcome to Kimolos. General information about Kimolos island.
  • Enchanting view towards Chorio and the nearby Cycladic islands.
  • Approaching Kimolos
  • Quiet adjoining beaches accessible to everyone.
  • If you have a sea craft, explore the island and the secluded beaches on its northern part.
  • Quiet adjoining beaches accessible to everyone.
  • Explore Poliaigos and it's beauty.
  • Clean, leeward beaches with crystal blue waters.
  • Clean, leeward beaches with crystal blue waters.
  • Quiet adjoining beaches accessible to everyone.

Route 4

Route: Horio - Monasteria - Soufi


Duration: 2 hours


Degree of difficulty:easy



From Horio the path to Monasteria, marked with  red arrows, goes in a straight line due north. Take the road which leaves Horio to the north (the continuation of the main street).  At the exit from the village the road forks to either side of Ag. Efstathios (a distinctive church, painted in a grey and white pattern). Take the right fork and follow the paved lane downhill into the valley, to the only stone bridge on Kimolos.  Don’t cross the bridge , but take the left fork, climbing up the hill and leaving the chapels of  Ag. Pnevma and Ag. Zoni on your right.  

After about 1 km, you come to a dirt-road. Turn right onto this road and follow it downhill for  roughly 400 metres to where the dirt-road bends to the right. Turn left onto  a smaller track, heading for the beehives  on the hillside in the distance. After two or three hundred yards a smaller path leaves the track, at an acute angle, on the right hand side and bears away uphill.  Follow this path up the right-hand side of the valley, heading for the pass to the right of the high mountain and the abandoned huts at the top.

Before you start to descend, you should pause and enjoy the view of Monasteria, while opposite you , you can see, from west to east, the islands of  Serifos,  Antiparos,  and Sifnos.  The path down to the beach is very clear, following the right-hand side of the valley. Take care as you descend, as in places the path has been destroyed by rain. The chapel is dedicated to Virgin Mary, whose festival is celebrated on the 15th. August.

To reach Soufi, cross the beach and at the end turn left and then immediately right. In  Soufi, you will find shade while the place is ideal for a swim as it is protected from the wind  whatever the weather.

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Text and photos: Kimolos Highschool Environmental Team