Hiking Route 3


Total route length: 8,5 km.

The first section of the trail is a road that starts at Chorio, continues turning left after the OTE building, just before St. Eustatius chapel. Continuing on this road you will reach a location called "Sklavos" where you will find the signs with the marking numbers for trails 2 and 3. Follow them up to the old, yet very well-preserved cobbled-road that passes through olive groves, vegetable gardens and picturesque stone walls.

A bit further down the road, after passing by two stone farmhouses on the left side of the old cobbler-road (about 800 m. from Sklavos), you will see on your right side a junction to trail number 3 which you will follow and head northwest. 450 m. further you will once again reach a junction and a typical old farmhouse. There you will follow the path on the right with the marking sign number 3 heading north, and you will walk between old stone buildings, which make the route appear very quaint, in the area called "Kefales" . This path offers the most amazing view of the Aegean and of almost all the sides of the island and of all of Kimolos's paths, and passes very close by the highest peak that is called "Paleokastro", where there are ruins of the ancient castle. As soon as you come across a natural pond, you will start descending, following the right marked path at the last junction overlooking the beach "Monastiria". From the beginning of the trail you will be walking through olive groves, terraces and stone walls. Progressively, you will start descending while gazing at the Aegean on your left and admiring impressive rock formations on your right , that, with a little imagination, can be associated to many different interpretations. Continuing downhill, you reach a well-preserved threshing floor, and a bit further you can see a small house carved into a smooth rock. From that point, you have to carefully follow a steep downhill section of the right side of the trail on the east side of the rock behind it. You pass through an abandoned vineyard and, continuing on the trail with the same marking sign, among olive grove terraces you arrive very close to a small stream from where you can access "Kastro" beach. There you will see many trees and 40 m. from the beach's left side there is a well known hot spring, a small, horse-shoe shaped beach where there is constantly running hot spring water. If you do not descend towards the coast and decide to continue uphill and to the north, you will be led to the second beach of the area, called "Agioklima" in 15 minutes' time, where you can rest at the shade of the 2 big trees of the beach.

Alternatively: You can complete a circular route by continuing on trail 5 from Agioklima, following the helpful marking and going uphill and northeast through the terraces and the olive groves. After passing by deserted farmhouses on your left and right side, you will find the old cobbled-road and you will reach a mountain pass at the location "Gampas" where there are impressive, smooth rocks. Continuing on the path, which is literally carved into the rock, heading southeast at first and then south, you reach the chapel of Panagia Cheimeli and then, passing through another cobbled-road you descend to the dirt road that will lead you to Chorio from another way.

Route marking number: 3, Total route length: 8,5 km.



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Text source: Greek Cultrual Mountaineering Club- EPOS Filis