Hiking Route 7


Total route length: 4,7 km.

The first section of the trail starts off at Chorio, passes by the OTE building, turns right and downhill a little after St. Eustatius chapel. Follow the very well-preserved cobble-road that passes through terraces of cultivated olive groves and beautiful stone walls, and has no marking signs.

Soon, on your right side you will see a stone bridge of great architecture; you continue your way on the cobble-road which shortly meets a dirt road and some junctions. On the first junction you turn left, and, while the dirt road continues, you leave it when you arrive at Korakies, where you will go up a section of the path that was "saved" from being paved as well. Ascend this path until you come across 2-3 wrecked stone buildings and then again a dirt road at the location called "Roupa". From this point, take the wide dirt road on the right, with the sharp turn and the intense water channels phenomenon overlooking at Monastiria beach. At the end of the road there is the Panagia Monastiriotissa church where you can rest or visit at any time since it is always open. This chapel is a remnant of a larger complex of monasteries that were destroyed with the passage of time. When you arrive at the great north and sandy beach Monastiria, you can swim or continue hiking until the other side of the beach where, on the edge of a cliff you will find the marking sign with the number 4 for the path that leads to Soufi bay. If you follow it, you will climb up the path that is visible on the rock, and after 15 minutes you will be arriving at the amazing and well protected by the winds, Soufi bay. On the beach there are many trees for shade and 2 boathouses.

Route marking number: 6, Total route length: 4,7 km.



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Text source: Greek Cultrual Mountaineering Club- EPOS Filis